AHA Instructor Training
Did you know? Training Centers (TC) should appoint at least one Training Faculty member for each discipline the Training Center is approved to teach. The purpose of this training is to validate the TCs ability to conduct quality Instructor Courses. Becoming an AHA Instructor can allow you freedom to work on your OWN schedule, and assist in classes if you love instructing.

*The AHA recommends that each TC appoint at least one Training Faculty for every 8-12 Instructors. *approved through American Heart Association.
Instructor Training Prerequisites:
  • MUST have an active Basic Life Support status
  • MUST complete the BLS Instructor Essentials Course (included)
Advantages of becoming an Instructor
  • Required to observe CPR trainings before you train independently
  • Instructor paperwork is minimal due to AUTOMATIONS!
  • Network and Marketing guidance included in training
  • Mentoring with your first sign up!
  • Internal store for purchasing supplies & equipment
What to Expect
  • Basic understanding of your CPR Instructor role
  • How to run your business freely!
  • Discuss proper equipment and use… and more!
  • Same day BLS cards for your classes!