+ What is the total cost of enrolling in the Nurse Aide I program at Sankofa Training & Wellness?
- The total cost includes a registration fee of $150.00 and a tuition fee of $1850.00.
+ What are the payment arrangements available for the program?
- We offer flexible payment arrangements, allowing students to break the payment into up to three installments for their convenience but the final payment should be paid in full by the end of the first week of class. Special circumstances can occur if you need an additional week.
+ What sets your program apart from others?
- Our program stands out for several reasons. Firstly, we prioritize personal and professional development training alongside the core curriculum, ensuring that students not only gain technical skills but also develop essential soft skills for their future careers. Secondly, our program is accelerated, allowing students to complete their training in a shorter timeframe compared to traditional programs. Lastly, we maintain a commitment to delivering higher quality education, ensuring that our students receive the best possible training and preparation for their careers. (Source: Additional information provided)
+ What are the benefits of the accelerated program?
- The accelerated program enables students to enter the workforce sooner without compromising the quality of education.
+ What resources are available to students?
- Students have access to state-of-the-art facilities, experienced faculty, comprehensive study materials, regular coaching sessions during and after the program is completed, student support services, and hands-on learning experiences in clinical settings.
+ Are there any additional benefits included in the program fee?
- Yes, the program fee covers the cost of textbooks, workbooks, uniforms. It includes all equipment and supplies needed for completion of the program in addition to a formal graduation ceremony. You will also receive an ebook with options as a CNA.
+ How does Sankofa Training & Wellness support students after program completion?
- Sankofa Training & Wellness offers job placement assistance, continuing education opportunities, and access to alumni resources to support students after program completion. Also, we are partnered with organizations to help you get 100% tuition reimbursements upon successful completion of our program.